The Confederation

The Chicago Coffee Confederation is a group of small batch coffee roasters who support fair trade economic relationships as well as their own cultural and social work through selling affordable great-tasting organic coffee to people in the Chicago area. Our guiding principle is, justice at every step.

Chicago Coffee Confederation Practices

  • Through the roasting of coffee, provide a decent hourly wage to the roaster.
  • Raise funds beyond wages, at least once per year, for a social or creative cause that seeks change in the world.
  • Support sustainable environmental and human practices by roasting and selling beans that are at least fair trade (recognizing that some of the ‘direct trade’ beans net the farmers more than fair trade prices) and organic.
  • Where feasible and needed, work together to support the confederation and each other’s work (i.e., ordering beans and bags in bulk to reduce costs, send customers to each other based on geographical closeness, that kind of thing)

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